Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Im In A Committed Relationship

Im committed. Im in a committed relationship with my Body.

I am in love with Yoga.
 Don't laugh. 

I started practicing Yoga about two weeks ago. 
At the time I was struggling with some body issues. Negative thoughts were flowing pretty regularly and I had had enough. I reached out to a friend with such strength and love for me and she opened my eyes to something that I hadn't thought of. 

You may know from some of my other posts that I am a very religious person with a strong faith in Christ. My friend told me that I should pray to ask for ways that I can love my body better and ways for me to stop thinking negatively about myself. 
So I did just that. 

About a day or two later I was at my first yoga practice, out of no where I decided to try it. 

Yoga is not only a blessing in my life for the last two weeks, but also an answer to a sad prayer for help. Yoga has changed my mindset about my body. Growing up I have never really had good thoughts about my body, what can I say, I am the only girl with two brothers always being too tough on me. But, yoga helps me get rid of all the negative thoughts in my head. It helps me realize that I am in control of my body. It helps me love myself more. So really its kind of a selfish love. 

Yesterday in my practice, I set my intention as "Love My Body"
By the end of it, I almost shed a few tears because I felt so free. Free of the guilt and negativity. I finally felt like it was Okay that Im not a size 2.

The best thing about Yoga is that its nonjudgemental. Yoga is very personal and yet so very connected to everyone in the room. We all breath together. We move at the same time together. We struggle though a pose together. But not one single person is looking at you. No one cares if your foot can go over your head or if your knee is bent, yoga is about trying our hardest and feeling good about yourself in the pose, not necessarily being the most flexible person in the room. Personally I could care less about being the most flexible, because its not about that. 

Yoga is nonjudgemental. Yoga loves me back. 

Natural Model Rebekah speaks honestly about body image helped me open up and ask for help.