Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new license

I got my PA license! Honestly I was sad getting a new license. My California license was special because it was my first ever license and I loved the picture! I was so happy that I passed the driving test and it showed in the picture! Plus I was younger and tan in that picture. Here is my new license which I do like this picture too its just not the same.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Challenging Times

Just a short little post for journaling purposes...
It has been 8 weeks that I have been here, and it has been more than challenging in the last 4. I have been questioning if I am cut out for this and if I should stay. A combination of Home-Sickness and the difficulties of caring and protecting 5 children has really worn on me. So much to a point of a mental break-down involving tears. Which I consider normal for a person in my situation, but still it feels silly to be upset about a 7 and 5 year old not liking me. I understand they are only adjusting to me too, but being compared to a previous nanny is hard for me. The connection with the boys is taking longer than I thought it would. The good thing is that Maura and the babies are fine with me. Also, I love the people I am friends with and I love my church. Im trying to work through it and figure everything out.What I know right now is that I do like Pennsylvania, it is so pretty here and the people are really nice. This job just seems really heavy on my shoulders and I honestly am un-sure at the moment. We will see. Lots of prayer and fasting will take place in the next 2 weeks. Until next time.
I promise to update with last weeks activities soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day

The kids put up these really cute Valentines Day window stickers to celebrate! Im excited because I personally love Valentines Day!

Also, since its not too expensive to send packages to my friends on missions I decided this was a good time to send another one to each of them!
Elder Mike Marchetti serving in Florida, Elder Ricky Brambila serving in Honduras
Elder Dallin Bergquist (temporally) serving in Montana, Elder Tanner Hemphill serving in Brazil
Finally, I designed and sent out change of address cards and doubled them as Valentines for my family and friends. You should be getting one soon, so I wont post the picture of it. I love them though, so let me know what you all think when you get them!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Official Grown-Up Business!

Here are the pictures of me signing for my car! What an experience, to be honest it was a little emotional. I always thought my Daddy would be there with me the first time I bought a car. He loves cars and especially washing my car. When I lived at home he would wash my car almost every weekend. I resisted the tears and called him later that day. I love my Daddy, he is the best. Buying a car with out him will be a regret I will have  probably for the rest of my life, but there was nothing we could do about it. As you can see I am signing the papers in my Pjs and in the kitchen! Ryan owns the dealership so he just brought home the papers when they were ready to be signed!
The paperwork

Signing, very exciting! 

Signed Paperwork! 

I love you Mom and Dad! Thanks so much to Grandma who co-signed with me!Im officially a Grown-Up!

Stuck in the Snow!

The parking lot for the church seriously only has 8 spots and then there is underground parking for about 20 more. So finding a spot is difficult, we were a little late to church last sunday and had to find parking on the street. Well we got stuck.

Weekend Fun!

Its such a crazy week each week that TGIF has a whole new meaning! A friend from church plays on the UPenn Basketball team so we went to support him! It is always fun to go into the city especially with good friends! I am so blessed to have made some awesome friends here! It really helps me get through the week knowing how fun the weekend will be!

This place is supposedly Famous? hah 

Of course I was more excited about the half time show...

 Then on Saturday we had planned on going into the city to see all the sights but instead we went sledding, so that is the only excuse i have for this horrible sledding attire! One of my goals this year is to be a YES woMAN (yes man), so i decided i would go down the hill in my boots and jeans! haha

These are my Friends!
Becky, Porche, Maddie

Maddie and I

The whole Group

Porche and I with our matching hats from 5Below
(My new favorite store!)


This post is a little delayed but still worth posting! Jonathan got his mission call and I was able to skype with my friends from home! There were five of us? All I know was that it was way cool!
Jons house, Kelli and Myke, Vanessa and Jessica, Jons Sister and Brother, Me! 

Jon finally came to say hi!

Dallin and John, Vanessa, Kelli and Myke, Me

To say the least this made me super homesick! Im so excited for Jonathan who will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Argentina!!

I Dont Like Pizza

For dinner one night Billy, Maura and I made Pizza. Here are some "pictures" of how much fun the kids had. Saying they dont like taking pictures is an understatement. They will become trained to doing so. 

Finally when it was all said and done, I call the kids to the table to eat the pizza they helped make and all i hear is: "I dont like Pizza."
They dont like anything if you ask them about it. Really they will eat a variety of things but just want it to be their own idea to eat it! 

Bath Time is SO Much Fun!

This is my favorite of Maeve
It seriously cracks me up how these children cry about having to go upstairs to take baths and then a half hour later cry even more about getting out of the bath. But I guess thats just how kids are! I have learned that I too still have many child- like qualities. For example, I dont ever want to miss anything. Here are some pictures from Bath Time. The babes love to brush their teeth! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

After School Snow Play

Playing in the snow with Billy and Jack.. Boys will be boys!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Dance Tuesday Night

After the long icy cold day here in PA we decided to put on Just Dance and let loose. Maura had a friend over, Kathryn. Then her Mom came to get her and brought back Billy. This is a common thing that happens out here. We trade kids for the afternoon. They take Billy we take Kathryn it works out nicely for all of us. When Kathryn's Mom came over with all of her kids it was a full house and a lot of fun! Seriously these videos are really cute and funny!

Stuck in the Snow!

So we go into the city every week for church which starts at 2pm. Well we were running a little late this last sunday and so all the parking was gone. We drove around trying to find a spot and finally decided on one. Well we got stuck and were lucky there was a nice guy there to help us church clothes wearing girls! I had stilettos on so there was no way i could help, so I took a video!