Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Jersey Shore

 So Megan and Ryan decided to spend a week in Ocean City NJ this year and I got to be a part of it! It was a fun little vacation that we all enjoyed. It was nice getting away from the routine of our summer. All the kids were so excited to go to the ocean, especially the babes. Babies at the beach is probably thee cutest thing I have seen here so far. The sad thing is that I dont even know how to put into words why it is so cute, you just have to experience it for yourself!Sure I worked over 75 hours, but who can complain when you are literally getting payed to sit by the ocean and watch cute babies have the most fun of their short lives so far. 
The First picture that see, is my favorite of all time! Honestly just look at their faces. Okay lets start left to right. 
Billy: love the smile and look at his gun!
Maura: a born super star, she was born ready for this picture.
George: Honestly words cannot even tell how funny it was the first second I saw him in his costume! He probably gained 20 pounds wearing it and looked like a total mobster. 
Maeve: I mean really, look at her finger! She is a crack up!
Jack: Well lets just say that the whole time he kept asking the photographer for a bigger and better gun. 
P.S. this will be the Irish's Christmas Card this year!

Now for the beach!
 Megan rented this awesome wagon that the babes absolutely loved! Every time we told them we were going some where they would both say: whaagoon? 

 Since we are on the east coast and there are these 'Summer Storms' (yeah it like rains in the summer, anyone from California would tell you that is just wrong!). But at least we got this great rainbow from one of those storms. 

"NighNigh Fayn" 

Who is gonna deny these cute babes from a big messy soft serve ice cream cone at the beach!? I mean really! Does it get any better than this? 

The movie Jaws comes to mind...

 Lunch with a couple of friends??

The new additions to our family.. 6 gigantic hermit crabs. I was told this is a 'must do' when vacationing in OC...

Now for some Beach Pictures!

Who says you cant fall asleep on the car ride home. 

Talk about good times!! :)

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