Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Trip Home

This last weekend Scott and I decided to road trip to CA! 

 On the road we had pretty good weather and got to drive by the Manti Temple.. so pretty 
Then on saturday we hung out with the family, laughed, ate good food, took pictures, showed Scott my old stomping grounds, met with my "Mormon Parents" and took pictures of course!

Then after church on sunday we had to get back on the road, but we stopped and road the roller coaster.. a life long dream of Aimee's.  (sorry Aim, next time you can ride too)

After riding the roller coaster, Scott and I talked about all the other fun things we want to do in life.. 

Then he drove the rest of the way home, I sat in this position almost the whole way. 
It was a short and sweet trip, but it gave Scott and I time to talk about important life questions. It was good to get to know him more than ever. 
I cant wait to do it all over again next month for my birthday.. maybe we will get more time then. 

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