Monday, November 14, 2011

Dad, I Love You.

My Dad had a Heart Attack last week.
The hardest part was that my whole family was spread thin across the country. 
Brothers: California 
Dad: Texas 
Mom: New York
Farryn: Pennsylvania 

So at this time of need I sent out a prayer request to all of my great friends who I knew would not only be willing to help, but would appreciate me asking for it from them specifically. 

Thankfully, and due to so many prayers, my Dad is recovering well. My mom left work and flew to Texas and spent a week with him helping him recover. The thing is that now he is alone again and the number one thing that the doctor said to him after a post-op appointment was that he needed to make a serious change in his diet. 

When something like this happens, action is required to change how we used to be into how we need to be to survive. My Dad going though this has really changed my outlook on my life too. I have changed my diet over night just as he has. We are doing a "Healthy" together. 

He is recovering well and I can't wait to see him in 20 something days. 

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