Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conference Weekend!

This was my 6th consecutive time attending General Conference! I am a little obsessed.. But its okay because I am not ashamed of it at all! The added bonus of getting to see my best friends also helps with not being ashamed to fly all the way to Utah from Philadelphia! It really was a blast, from cuddling together like old times to eating huge cupcakes, making dinner, attending the BYU football game and baking yummy cookies. I can honestly say that I am ready for the next step in my life and that means that I am ready to move to Utah and be much closer to the girls! I will be in Salt Lake which is a good drive to see them but its okay because it is much closer than a 4 hour plane ride.

I have to say that I was overly excited to see Kaitlin.. The last time I saw her was at christmas last year, because she was in Jerusalem for April's Conference! I have learned so much living out here this year and one of those things is the value of a real friendship. I know that I jeopardized our 15 year friendship in high school and for dumb reasons we had a little falling out. But now I think we are both stronger for it. I love Kaitlin and was so happy to get to bond with her again! There are some things about growing up that arent as bad as the rest of it may seem.

That whole saying, "You dont know what you got, till you dont have it anymore." that is the real deal.

And everyone knows I love Aimee so I was of course excited when I saw her pretty face in the car picking me up from the airport. It was just like old times when she would pick me up at the same exact spot for the last two years. We both discussed the fact that we dont have to send out a weekly email or call each other everyday to stay BFF. We are the kind of friends that just picks up where ever we left off the last time we saw each other. Not to say that we dont call each other often, its just nice to know that we will always be connected even when we arent.

Then of course General Conference! Which was so awesome. I just love knowing that Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet of God and the words that we hear during those conferences twice a year are not the words of man but of God. I have a strong testimony that if we pray before listening to these conferences for answers to questions that we can not answer on our own, that we will receive guidance in the coming months to help us through those questions. I have a testimony of such because I have tested this theory. My advice to anyone reading this very long blog post would be to go and listen, watch or read those words that were spoken and really ponder them. I know that already I have been blessed with guidance from General Conference!

Turns out that all of the Moreno Valley YSA drove up to Utah for conference also, which of course was exciting for me because it really felt like being home!

The sad part about going on vacation is that at some point it has to end. On Monday night I flew back to Philly and was surprised again at how nice people really are in the world. Every time I am flying into Philly the people on the plane are always warm and friendly and there is always a good conversation to be had with the people around me. The fact of the matter is that people really do love Philadelphia and so do I. It really is a great place to live and although my job is frustrating at times and it seems like Christmas will never come, I really do like it here. I will be sad to leave the east coast. And I will be sad to leave behind these children that have blessed me with many life skills.

This post is probably one of my longest, but this weekend is my half favorite of the year! So it kinda deserves a long post.

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