Monday, October 24, 2011

A Virginia Getaway

Living on the East Coast is so fun because you are never too far away from anything. For Example:
Washington DC 2 hours 
New York City 2 hours 
Boston 6 hours
Duck Beach North Carolina 6 hours 
Palmyra New York 6 hours 
Southern Virginia University 6 hours

I guess what Im saying is the furthest Im willing to road trip is 6 hours! I wonder how that will work out when I drive across the country this Christmas... 
Anyway, Porsche went to SVU for her freshman and sophomore years of college and is planning on going back in the beginning of 2012. So we went to see her friends that live there now and I basically just wanted to see how pretty it was there. Which it was, so beautiful!! 

 We left SVU at 5:30 planning to get home around 11:30. Well the highway had a different plan for us! We were outside of the town of SVU about 30 miles and the highway came to a hault. I literally had my car in park for 45 minutes. So what do you do with your best friend in a parked car on a highway? BLAST disney music and dance like weirdos and take this picture! 

Virginia was so Beautiful! We had a blast! 

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