Thursday, October 13, 2011

Phillies Game/ Sadness

I CAN NOT believe that it has taken me this long to post about this! So Ryan (my boss) got me some tickets to the Phillies in the middle of the summer. Let me just tell you that it was the high light of my summer. The tickets were for the seats right behind the dugout of the visiting team. To say the least, they were the best seats ever! The only problem was that we were experiencing a heat wave the week of the game. As you can see the first picture shows that the temperature outside was 104, and there was about 100% humidity level that day. Don't worry too much about that since I brought 100 ice pops in my purse that got eaten in less than 10 mins. People who were around us were asking if they could buy them off of me because it was THAT hot! 

 This is how we sat for most of the game, not because it was the most comfortable position, but mostly because we could!! In case you cant see, thats my feet on the dugout! There was not a single row in front of us! 

 This is the girl that was sitting behind us and became friends with us, after we saw a Dad lean over the dugout and ask a player for a ball, the main focus for the rest of the game was to do the same thing. Minus the Dad part.. 

 Well lets just say that I was the luckiest girl in the park that day because when our friend asked for a ball she got no response, but the next inning when I leaned over and asked for the ball... Well I think you can see below that I got it! 

 They won of course and it was the best even of the summer! But here comes the sadness part. Last friday the Phillies had to win in order to move forward to the playoffs. Everyone in the whole greater Philadelphia area was in their Phillies wear. We were ready for this game and sure that our team would win considering the line up and all of our hearts depending this game. What a disappointment when the score the whole game was Them 1, Us 0. The game ended that way and that was the end of the season for us. A sadness was felt everywhere for the next few days. SAD. 

Anyway, the season is over and now its time to focus on Football, our Eagles aren't starting out so hot so we are kinda disapointed about that too. Hopefully when the season starts we can kick it up a notch! 

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