Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 Inches of Snow!

This is my Beautiful Home!

 Maura Meave and I had a girls day in!
 Meave loves these boots and every time she sees them she wants to put them on.
 wishing we would go outside to play in the snow!
 Maura and I love to play just dance, I tell her she is blue so she doesn't get mad at me!
 Today I took Maura and her friend to Jumpers. Its an indoor moon bounce place. It was pretty cool, I kinda wanted to fun around in them with the girls. hah 
 This is what I am blessed to wake up to every morning! 
Day 4 and I am seriously exhausted! I need to sleep more but I still am not fully adjusted and Im kinda a night owl so its hard for me to sleep early. 
Until next time!

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