Monday, January 10, 2011

A Long Sunday

Okay so first let me start by saying that my singles ward is going to be a lot of fun. there are about 125 people in my ward and i was very welcomed. So let me start at the beginning:
We left Newtown Square at 1pm to get to Philadelphia by 2 when sacrament started. Maddie, who is a nanny from around the corner got us a ride with Angela and Becca. Angela and Becca are sisters who grew up in PA and now rent an apartment close to my house. The ride to Philly was about 40 minutes but the drive was so beautiful! First of all everything is white and there are so many trees its unbelievable! After sacrament, the bishop said that if there was anyone new to the ward to stand up and say our names, where we came from and why we were there. It was slightly embarrassing. After church was over there wasn't a munch and mingle because there was a CES fireside. So everyone got in their cars and drove about 30 minutes into the burbs to get to the stake center. The had a meal ready for us and then everyone just kinda chatted and hung out until the fireside. Finally after the fireside we headed home. So i left my house at 1pm and got home at 10pm! The least i can say is that it was a super long church filled day, but it was good meeting a bung of people from the ward. there are many nannies in my ward. I guess having a nanny is a popular thing out here. Im excited to see what this ward has to offer. There is already so many things planned for the upcoming week. A service project, a relief society sleep over, a baptism, Family home evening, and institute. There are two institute classes for our ward, one for the city and one for the burbs. I will be going to the burbs one Tuesday at 7:30pm. Once i got home i got ready for bed and prepared myself for my first day of work! Until next time! <3

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