Monday, January 17, 2011

I Bought A Car!

So I really wanted my own car to drive around because I feel bad asking Megan if I can use hers every night. Since Ryan owns a car dealership, he showed me what was in my price range on his lot and this is what I picked! I am so excited about it and finally feel like a grown up! Its a Pontiac Vibe. It is a really pretty blue color, sorry you cant see it very well in these pictures.. Its so cold here you can literally see it. 

I like this car most because it can last for my future. :)
Because I was so proud of myself for surviving my first week of work here I went shopping at this beautiful mall about 20 mins away. To add to my collection:
I love Tiffany & Co and especially love rings. I got the wider one when I was in Hawaii with my Mom on Halloween and ever since I have wanted to get a second one to stack. I love the look of the stacked rings, so when I tried this new one on, I couldn't resist!
It has been one crazy week of my life! 
1. Left home for the first time
2. Flew across the country by myself
3. Started a new job
4. Rocked at the job all week long! ;)
5. Bought a new car!
There are tons of other things that I accomplished this week but these are the main things! 
I am happy, and cold.
Until next time!

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  1. congrats farryn! glad things are going so well for you. keep us all posted! we love you! :)