Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Last 24 Hours

So the drive from Philadelphia to Newtown Square is about 45 mins. Ryan and Billy picked me up from the airport and we had a nice drive to the house. The house is beautiful. Megan is an interior designer, so not only is the house pretty on the outside, but the inside too! When i arrived at the house each of the kids said hi to me and Jack showed me my new room. My room is cozy and pretty. Then I played with the kids for a little and just got comfortable with everyone. Megan's parents were at the house when I got here and they are very nice too. I was procrastinating unpacking because I knew it would be a long process, I mean it took me 3 days to pack it all! The time change is so weird and hard to get used to. I went to bed about 1am last night which is 10pm at home and woke up at 12:30pm(9:30am) today, its going to take sometime getting used to. Today I played with Maeve and George a lot. 18 months is a really fun age! Then a nanny from down the street came by to say Hi. Her name is Maddie, she is LDS too and we talked for a while about the experiences she has had in the last 3 months she has been here. We talked about the singles ward that I will start going to tomorrow. There has been a lot of talk about this ward so I am pretty excited about it! Except for the fact that it takes about 45 mins to get there! There is a closer building than the Philadelphia 3rd ward, but it is a family ward. The singles ward meets at 2pm. Then afterward there is a "munch&mingle." We will see how that turns out tomorrow! Here are some pictures of the house, More to come tomorrow!

The Boys way awesome bunk beds!

The Nursery, George is so cute, he woke up from his nap before Maeve and when i was taking pictures i said smile so he did just that!

Maura's Bed
Maura's room

My room as I unpacked..

Billy helping me unpack, this is my scarf around his neck.
Until next time!


  1. Did Maddie go to church with you? How old is she?

  2. Maddie is 21 and we go to church together every sunday. she has a similar personality of aimee so its really great. its just another reminder of the Lords hand in my life. :)