Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sick House!

So last week the whole house was sick! Everyone stayed home from school, EVERYDAY! haha it was exhausting to say the least, also I caught the fever too. It was not fun working with sick children and being sick. But even children can have fun during a sickness right? Here are some pictures from this last week!
This is the biggest Teddy Bear I have ever seen in my life! The kids like to jump on it and watch TV on him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blooming Nails

Yesterday was a holiday for the kids. The boys went to a Birthday party and Maura and I went to get manicures! It was so nice, first to get out of the loud house and second to get pampered! Maura brought her own glitter nail polish and loved every second of her mani-pedi!She basically just gets the color put on. While she was busy doing that I got a real manicure! This place that Megan told us to go to was so nice. It was so peaceful in the salon. After my nails got all cleaned up I was told to wash my hands and then told to dip my hands in this wax stuff. That was super cool! When I went to dry my nails a young man came up behind me and it kinda startled me to be honest. Then he started giving me a much needed massage! It was so nice to get out of the house and do something that wasn't just fun for Maura but for me too! 
So here is my Question to you: 
How often do you get a manicure and massage at your day job?

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Bought A Car!

So I really wanted my own car to drive around because I feel bad asking Megan if I can use hers every night. Since Ryan owns a car dealership, he showed me what was in my price range on his lot and this is what I picked! I am so excited about it and finally feel like a grown up! Its a Pontiac Vibe. It is a really pretty blue color, sorry you cant see it very well in these pictures.. Its so cold here you can literally see it. 

I like this car most because it can last for my future. :)
Because I was so proud of myself for surviving my first week of work here I went shopping at this beautiful mall about 20 mins away. To add to my collection:
I love Tiffany & Co and especially love rings. I got the wider one when I was in Hawaii with my Mom on Halloween and ever since I have wanted to get a second one to stack. I love the look of the stacked rings, so when I tried this new one on, I couldn't resist!
It has been one crazy week of my life! 
1. Left home for the first time
2. Flew across the country by myself
3. Started a new job
4. Rocked at the job all week long! ;)
5. Bought a new car!
There are tons of other things that I accomplished this week but these are the main things! 
I am happy, and cold.
Until next time!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 Inches of Snow!

This is my Beautiful Home!

 Maura Meave and I had a girls day in!
 Meave loves these boots and every time she sees them she wants to put them on.
 wishing we would go outside to play in the snow!
 Maura and I love to play just dance, I tell her she is blue so she doesn't get mad at me!
 Today I took Maura and her friend to Jumpers. Its an indoor moon bounce place. It was pretty cool, I kinda wanted to fun around in them with the girls. hah 
 This is what I am blessed to wake up to every morning! 
Day 4 and I am seriously exhausted! I need to sleep more but I still am not fully adjusted and Im kinda a night owl so its hard for me to sleep early. 
Until next time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First Day!!

It was a very long long day! But first ill start by stating that i love this job! Even though it can be frustrating and difficult at times i really do reap the benefits of it! So I met Megan upstairs in the kitchen at 7:30am to give the babies breakfast. George and Maeve have strawberrys and orange juice for breakfast. Megan took Jack and Billy to school and then we picked up Maura from Nana's house. Driving around PA is so pretty everything is so white! When the kids got home from school and finished their homework they decided they wanted to go sledding. Here are some pictures from that.

Maura wants to know when its her turn!

Jack cracks me up! He is playing dead.. see the tree he died from??

Isn't she adorable!

Maura hiking back up


Jack heading straight for a tree... haha

Jack Sliding down

Maura in snow gear

After we came inside and got warm we ate dinner and then went up for baths. The babies love bath time and often cry when they are taken out of the water. The big kids on the other hand dont like bath time so much. When the big kids came back down to the basement we decided to play Just Dance on the Wii. It was the highlight of my day. I have videos that i will upload soon but for now here are some pictures:

What I have learned from my first day:
Georges favorite thing to say: "waassatt" (whats that)
Maeve likes to talk on the phone and scream as loud as she can.
(if anyone knows how to solve this stage, advice is more than welcome!)
Maura is adorable and is going to be my best friend
Billy is really silly and likes to play jokes on you
Jack is testing me to see what he can get away with.
And finally 30 degree weather is really cold!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Long Sunday

Okay so first let me start by saying that my singles ward is going to be a lot of fun. there are about 125 people in my ward and i was very welcomed. So let me start at the beginning:
We left Newtown Square at 1pm to get to Philadelphia by 2 when sacrament started. Maddie, who is a nanny from around the corner got us a ride with Angela and Becca. Angela and Becca are sisters who grew up in PA and now rent an apartment close to my house. The ride to Philly was about 40 minutes but the drive was so beautiful! First of all everything is white and there are so many trees its unbelievable! After sacrament, the bishop said that if there was anyone new to the ward to stand up and say our names, where we came from and why we were there. It was slightly embarrassing. After church was over there wasn't a munch and mingle because there was a CES fireside. So everyone got in their cars and drove about 30 minutes into the burbs to get to the stake center. The had a meal ready for us and then everyone just kinda chatted and hung out until the fireside. Finally after the fireside we headed home. So i left my house at 1pm and got home at 10pm! The least i can say is that it was a super long church filled day, but it was good meeting a bung of people from the ward. there are many nannies in my ward. I guess having a nanny is a popular thing out here. Im excited to see what this ward has to offer. There is already so many things planned for the upcoming week. A service project, a relief society sleep over, a baptism, Family home evening, and institute. There are two institute classes for our ward, one for the city and one for the burbs. I will be going to the burbs one Tuesday at 7:30pm. Once i got home i got ready for bed and prepared myself for my first day of work! Until next time! <3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Last 24 Hours

So the drive from Philadelphia to Newtown Square is about 45 mins. Ryan and Billy picked me up from the airport and we had a nice drive to the house. The house is beautiful. Megan is an interior designer, so not only is the house pretty on the outside, but the inside too! When i arrived at the house each of the kids said hi to me and Jack showed me my new room. My room is cozy and pretty. Then I played with the kids for a little and just got comfortable with everyone. Megan's parents were at the house when I got here and they are very nice too. I was procrastinating unpacking because I knew it would be a long process, I mean it took me 3 days to pack it all! The time change is so weird and hard to get used to. I went to bed about 1am last night which is 10pm at home and woke up at 12:30pm(9:30am) today, its going to take sometime getting used to. Today I played with Maeve and George a lot. 18 months is a really fun age! Then a nanny from down the street came by to say Hi. Her name is Maddie, she is LDS too and we talked for a while about the experiences she has had in the last 3 months she has been here. We talked about the singles ward that I will start going to tomorrow. There has been a lot of talk about this ward so I am pretty excited about it! Except for the fact that it takes about 45 mins to get there! There is a closer building than the Philadelphia 3rd ward, but it is a family ward. The singles ward meets at 2pm. Then afterward there is a "munch&mingle." We will see how that turns out tomorrow! Here are some pictures of the house, More to come tomorrow!

The Boys way awesome bunk beds!

The Nursery, George is so cute, he woke up from his nap before Maeve and when i was taking pictures i said smile so he did just that!

Maura's Bed
Maura's room

My room as I unpacked..

Billy helping me unpack, this is my scarf around his neck.
Until next time!

The Irish Family!

Billy, Jack, George, Maeve, Maura
I already love these children! This family is exactly where I should be working!

So yesterday, Friday I left the nest, flew the coop, peaced out, in other words.. I MOVED OUT of my house! It was actually kinda sad. I didn't think it would be hard, but saying good-bye to my family for at least 6-8 months was tear hard. So i woke up at 5am Friday morning and got ready to head to the airport. The whole family was up to say bye. That was nice! Mom drove me to the airport. Dad would have come too if he could, but because of the surgery he isn't able to be in a car for a long period of time. I forced everyone into one last picture, except Preston because he said bye to me at 2 am when I woke him up from sleeping on the couch. I will admit that these pictures are not the best, but HEY! it was 5am! Hugs and Kisses to all and some tears from Dad as mom and I drove away. When we got to the airport Mom helped get my luggage out of the car and then one last hug and then I was off. It was hard saying bye to my Mom, my best friend. I am so great full for cell phones, email, Facebook, and blogs! So first I flew to Arizona, which was a pretty short flight and seemed so useless. Then I had about an hour until my next plane took off for Philadelphia. The flight was about 4 and half hours long and thats when I realized how necessary the hour and half flight to AZ was. Before I got on my second flight I prayed that I would get a good seat and sit next to some one nice! And let me tell you, Heavenly Father answered my prayer perfectly. The couple i sat next to were nice and helpful in letting me know how much I would like it here in PA. Although the plight was a little long it wasn't bad. Ryan Irish, the Dad of my new family picked me up with Billy(4) from the airport.